We make investing in solar energy simple, safe, and secure.


What is CleanCapital?

CleanCapital revolutionizes clean energy investment. Clean energy finance has been limited to big banks, private equity firms, and tax equity investors. CleanCapital gives more people access to these investments, and project owners an opportunity to exit their portfolios. Our investment platform identifies, screens, and manages clean energy projects for its investors, giving our clients unique access to the clean energy investment market.

Our team manages the entire process. By eliminating typical transaction barriers and making capital more accessible, we're accelerating clean energy growth worldwide.

“CleanCapital pioneers clean energy finance by allowing individuals to directly invest into the fast growing solar market.”

— Roger Ballentine, President, Green Strategies


CleanCapital's founders are veterans: in the clean energy industry, the military, and the White House. We are linked through military service which naturally inspired us to join forces in clean energy. Our mission is to make it easy and attractive for you to invest: no committed capital, attractive returns, and low fees.

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About Us

CleanCapital is a financial technology company that makes it easy to invest in clean energy. CleanCapital allows accredited individualsincluding institutional investors, family offices, and investment fundsto invest in secure and diversified clean energy projects. Investors can monitor investments in real-time using our seamless online platform. We were founded in 2015 and are headquartered in New York, NY.



of solar installed in the next two years:
the same amount that has been installed in the entire history of the industry

$7.4 Trillion

in clean energy investment by 2040


of energy from clean energy by 2030