Build a portfolio of high-yield clean energy investments.

We offer projects that have predictable cash flows from 15-20 year contracts with investment grade customers, utilities, or public sector entities like school districts.

CleanCapital conducts a thorough due diligence on every project and works with an experienced team to manage operating clean energy projects for investors. We make it easy and attractive for you to invest - no committed capital, attractive returns, and low fees.
Our low fees mean better returns for you!



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Targeted returns on equity solar investment


Solar is a growing market.

Solar energy is no longer the future, it is here today. The last several years have seen solar energy breakout from being a new technology to being a cost effective solution for customers. As a result, installations of solar have skyrocketed, along with the investment needed to keep up. We provide you an opportunity to take part in this historic growth.

According to GTM Research, the recent extension of the Investment Tax Credit (ITC) will foster $40 billion in incremental investment in solar between 2016 and 2020. "The ITC extension... will result in a 20 gigawatt annual solar market in the U.S. by 2020," said Shayle Kann, Senior Vice President at GTM Research." At that rate, more solar will be installed each year than was added to the grid cumulatively through 2014. 


PV Deployment Forecast (MWdc) per Year

Source: US Solar Market Insight Report for Q1 2015 - GTM Research


Solar is a good investment.

Solar project investing can be a safe and effective investment that provides predictable yield each year.  We are providing high quality investment opportunities with long term power contracts (see Clean Energy Investing 101) for the length of the asset, so there is no commodity risk.

Unlike the volatility of the stock market, investing in solar assets provide predictable yields for long term growth.

Also, there are no public market risks like Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) or Master Limited Partnerships (MLPs). Year on year, REITs were down 10-15% and MLPS were down as much as 50%.


Clean Energy Investing 101

The business model for most clean energy projects include a project owner who installs solar panels, for instance, on a customer's property.  They then sell the electricity produced by that project to either the property owner or another third party.

Revenues can come from two sources: 

  • Selling of the electricity produced.
  • Selling the 'renewable energy credit' or 'RECs'; RECs were created by some states to support clean energy growth.

Traditionally, expenses are relatively low and predictable, including annual rent, maintenance, insurance and property taxes; infrequent equipment upgrades are also expected; investors are effectively buying the predicted cash flow.

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