Funded! An 8 MW portfolio of operating solar projects.




Offer Type

Debt & Equity

Targeted Returns

11-13% equity


The Offering

CleanCapital offers debt & equity interests in an 8 megawatt portfolio of operating solar projects. The portfolio consists of 14 solar projects in six states (California, Oregon, Colorado, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware). Investors will purchase equity interests in a holding company which will own each of the underlying solar projects. Proceeds of the investment will be used to fund the purchase price of the portfolio acquisition as well as ordinary course closing costs. 

The portfolio is diverse. Two projects are located in California, three projects in Oregon, six projects in Colorado, one project in Delaware, one project in New Jersey and one in Pennsylvania. Projects have various offtake arrangements. Power sales are the sole revenue source on five projects while power sales plus solar incentives are the combined revenue sources on the others. All projects are supported by strong credit revenue source.

Location kW (dc) COD PPA Term
Wilmington, DE 25 Sept 2012 15
Pueblo, CO 1193 Dec 2008 20
Ordway, CO 181 Feb 2011 20
Del Norte, CO 101 May 2011 20
Blythe, CA 1156 Aug 2009 20
Brawley, CA 101 July 2008 20
Portland, OR 299 Oct 2011 15
Keasbey, NJ 2421 Dec 2009 15
Gladstone, OR 295 Oct 2011 20
Grants Pass, OR 99 Mar 2012 15
Saguache, CO 71 Nov 2010 20
Canon City, CO 801 Dec 2009 20
Swink, CO 98 Jan 2011 20
Easton, PA 31 Aug 2010 20

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