Sell your project.


Exit your operating solar portfolio in a quick and painless way. The CleanCapital platform is designed to match up buyers and sellers of high quality solar assets. We are seeking clean energy assets with creditworthy offtakers. Our proprietary pricing model allows us to quickly offer a bid to sellers. Our platform allows the CleanCapital team to move quickly and efficiently through the diligence process.


Easy Exits

We manage a streamlined on-boarding process, reducing the transactional frictions that currently exists with deal origination. Our efficient legal and third party site verification maximizes our ability to pay top dollar to sellers. Direct engagement with investors mean less participants in the transaction, smaller closing costs, and reduced fees that means more cash for the seller.


Direct Engagement

CleanCapital has established strategic relationships with various debt and equity investors that are actively seeking operating projects, just like yours. CleanCapital will aggregate your project into a larger investment portfolio, which will ensure you the best possible purchase price for your assets. CleanCapital leads all due diligence and acquisition closing processes on behalf of our investment partners, significantly decreasing the timing required to achieve a deal closing.

Fewer participants in the transaction + smaller closing costs + reduced fees = more cash for the seller.

Ready to Sell?



With the historic extension of the Investment Tax Credit (ITC), there has never been a better time for project owners to development new project portfolios. It is estimated that nearly 26GW of solar will be added to the U.S. market over the next two years. This exceeds the total amount solar power that has been installed in the U.S. to date. In order to meet these massive growth projections, project owners will be faced with the decision of raising new development capital or monetizing the value of their current investments.